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End of Transmission Tattoo by AliciaEvan End of Transmission Tattoo by AliciaEvan

My works belong exclusively to me. You may not copy, alter, steal, or use for any backgrounds, graphics or collages without my permission.

Read the comment box if you want to know about the picture!

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I was originally going to wait to post this until I had more of the building drawn out, but I could not. Drawing buildings is not as easy as it looks! ^^;

So this *points up* is architechual concept art for the project End of Transmission ~FlamingCupcake has kindly asked me to collaberate with her on :dance: I offered to draw up sketches of the shop, End of Transmission Tattoo, and this was the first one I designed. It took a long time since I have not done landscapes or building designs in years, but this was alot of fun, and I hope it looks nice.

So, I have a little historical tidbit about the shop. Since the storyline for the project takes place int London, I was able to come up with an intriguing backstory:

Before Star and KC Dymond bought the shop and renovated it, it was a theatre, the Maison de L'abattage, french for House of Slaughter. It was a horror theatre erected in 1792, when horror was making quite a bloody splash in England. The threatre was quite popular and featured many great plays, among the best known, Sweeny Todd, whose first appearance as a "penny dreadful" stirred up immense interest all over the country. The theatre enjoyed many years of use. How ever, its gloriously gory, murdering palace was sadly closed by the early 1900's, for that very reason.

In 1904, a series of unexplainable "accidents" kept occuring during the many play runnings, with cast members meeting the very real, and very gruesome ends on stage that their characters were meant to suffer. It turns out an unknown sabotager was purpousely rigging the sets and its props to actually kill the cast members. The anonymous serial killer, dubbed "the Butcher" in response to the theatre name by the media, terrorized London's playwright scene while cleverly throwing of the police.

The murders went on for 5 years, all unsolved and without nary a suspect before the threatre was forcibly shut down in 1909. To this day, no one knows if the murderer was someone protesting the horror movement in London, or if it was a deranged lover of the art expressing their demented appreciation. The theatre remained throughout the century. It was bought, sold, refurbished, and serving as a toursit hotspot until early 2009, when the two sisters stumbled upon it while looking for a suitable building to start up their tattoo shop.

Pretty cool background, huh?

Hopefully I can get more art of the shop up soon. Sophie I need character personality stats for EOT employees, quick! :eager:
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NonieR Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2010
If this is for a game, you might post it to Game Design/Buildings&Environments instead of Architectural Design; it'll find a more focused audience there.
AliciaEvan Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It is not for a game. I was for a comic book ^ ^
NonieR Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2010
Then I'd suggest the "Cartoons and Comics" category....
AliciaEvan Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Okay, thank you ^ ^ *bows*
FlamingCupcake Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
HOLY CRAP! I love it! It's so perfect for them! and I will note you on the personalities RIGHT NOW :D
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August 9, 2010
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